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Bhutan Pools 4D has an unexpected gift for lottery drawers.

Some historical clues to the birth of the National Lottery

The National Lottery is the result of the generosity and commitment of the Grand Duchess Charlotte. It was he who launched the first action to help the victims of the war in Luxembourg. To address and formulate his initiative, the Grand Duchess Charlotte's National Relief Efforts decided to create the National Lottery on July 13, 1945. Thus, for more than 65 years, the Lottery has served Luxembourg charities by marketing its raffle games (LOTTO, EURO MILLIONS). and ZUBITO) and the famous family RUBBEL from the beginning of the game.

National Lottery, the main charity of the Grand Duchy

The National Lottery, through the Grand Duchess Charlotte of the State, returns all its net proceeds to public services in the fields of health, culture, sport and exercise. social protection or environmental protection. She participates in many events through sponsors in her image: between values of solidarity and sharing moments of entertainment. The National Lottery helps support good deeds in the Grand Duchy. Since its inception, nearly 220 million has been donated to beneficiaries.